3 Faces A Day...
to Personal & Family Safety

3 Faces A Day Program is for everyone
...except criminals!

It's a program for you, and one that benefits the K-9 Units because part of the proceeds go to the K-9 teams/contest.

Imagine you're out walking or jogging. You notice a cover page suspicious man speaking to a couple girls, trying to get them to come over to him at a picnic table. Certainly you would make an important phone call reporting the suspicious activity, but wouldn't it be great to recognize that he was one of the predators in your area and make a positive ID?

Or maybe you're at work and there's been a rash of crime in your area. Wouldn't it be great if you could recognize the faces of known local burglars or those who might threaten your business at closing time?

Or maybe you're concerned about the many sex predators in your area since you have children. Wouldn't it be a great feeling to recognize the face of one of them talking to your child and snatch your child away from him before it's too late?

Knowledge is POWER
when you know the faces of the wanted criminals in the area.

Unless you have dozens of hours of free time and high-level skills to learn the faces on the wanted criminal from different websites, it will be pretty difficult to do so on your own.

An Easy Solution that Empowers You
in the Fight Against Crime!

There is an option. It's the 3 Faces A Day Program, and it's based on a patented method of learning how to remember names and faces with surprising accuracy.

The 3 Faces A Day Program takes the task of looking at the faces of wanted criminals – a scary thing to do – and turns it into a fun experience where you win against the criminal every time! Faces are presented, three per day, in a written pdf downloadable format that builds confidence fast. At the same time, you decrease any stress associated with learning the faces of the Bad Boys and Bad Girls).

What You Get With the 3 Faces A Day Program

This very unique program:

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Prevent a Tragedy Before It Starts
and Feel Good About It!

The numbers of predators and criminals out on the street increases every day. In Sacramento alone, the number of the wanted criminals is not just 10, but dozens, so it's pretty important that you're ready to at least recognize them. We don't want you to wait until after a situation occurs to think about learning the faces, then kick yourself for not doing it before! With this program, you can be prepared, and it's entirely possible to avert a situation just because of your newly developed identification skills.

Check out a sample of the 3Faces A Day Program by reviewing the free 6-day Sacramento Bad Girl and Sacramento Bad Boy Program you received when you voted for the Sac Top Dog Contest.

Surprise Yourself with How Many Faces
You Accurately Remember with These Techniques

The3 Faces A Day Program utilizes easy learning techniques based on how the brain learns new information. These techniques are simple even for someone who has had difficulty learning in school. They're based on the Million Dollar Memory system of learning, a system tested on graduate students learning the most difficult type of learning – technical information. In this program, you receive an email each day with the three faces to learn for the day along with audio that explains how to remember them. Sign up for two months for the low cost of $15/month.

More than that, the 3 Faces A Day Program includes tips on suspicious activity that you may observe: what is suspicious, why it's suspicious, and what is the right thing to do. Less than 10 minutes a day, very little cost, it's an incredible opportunity to help yourself, your family and your community!

Proceeds Benefit K-9 Departments

A percentage of the proceeds of the 3 Faces A Day Program will be donated to the K-9 police departments represented in the Sacramento Region Top K-9 Top Dog Contest. Both the police dogs and you become big winners with the 3 Faces A Day Program.

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